This is how it works!

28. April 2013 by Meiko Udras

We are helping marketers target their messages in better, more relevant and precise ways using Big Data. This is how it works:

  1. We make an on-line offering / campaign utilizing your own or our vast database of Facebook users using a specialized application.
  2. We collect and compare Facebook profile data to respective customers’ real life or on-line purchasing behavior.
  3. We draw up exact profiles of your customers based on pre-specified targets (most likely buyers of your products, biggest spenders, etc). Profiles are determined using the innovative tools in predictive analytics and data mining.
  4. Next time a customer registers to you loyalty program or checks your on-line store, we tell you exactly how likely is he/she to buy anything, what would he/she most likely buy and how much is he/she willing to spend.